How To Make A Movie: A Few Secrets

This book is meant to be a primer for all, from the first time filmmaker to the advanced professional.  The concept is to teach by example.  I have made some three-dozen films in every genre imaginable, which have won dozens of awards.  For this book, my plan was to write some twenty chapters, each about a specific work, and then describe one unique aspect of that film.  After writing about that aspect (music, montage, aerial photography, narration, etc.) I then embedded an excerpt from that film  (or in two cases the entire film) so that the reader may click on the image on his/her iPAD, and watch how that situation was resolved.  Presumably reading of the problem and then seeing its resolution might inspire readers how to find their own solutions in the work.  I have spent about one third of my career, some twenty years, in teaching at Harvard, my alma mater, Columbia University for ten years, and NYU for eight, where I was the Director of the “Department of Film, Video and Broadcasting” at NYU’s School of Continuing Education.  At the latter position, I was largely responsible for creating the finest film program on the East Coast.  With this background, I believed I have developed some insights in the learning process.  When students ask, “What is the most important rule to follow in making a film,” I answer, “Enjoy every minute of what you are doing.”