A Few Videos 

The Panama Canal: History & Operation

Directed by Sumner Jules Glimcher

This program, illustrated by archival images, shows the entire history of how the Panama Canal was constructed, from the first days of the attempt by the French, led by Ferdinand de Lessups, through its successful completion under the leadership of President Theodore Roosevelt.

Hiroshima-Nagasaki, August 1945

Executive Producer Sumner Jules Glimcher

The film was deemed too horrifying to be shown on television, but after months of criticism, the Public Broadcasting Service finally showed it nationwide. For the first time, some quarter of a century after the bombs were dropped, the American public was able to see exactly what the effects of an atomic bomb on a city, and on human beings, actually were.

Interview with Sumner Jules Glimcher

Sumner Jules Glimcher interview with Harold Channer of Manhattan Neighborhood Network discussing projects past, present and future.

A Taste of Provence: History, Art & Culture

Directed by Sumner Jules Glimcher

The Producer/Director, Sumner Jules Glimcher, rented a villa in the heart of Provence for one month and traveled throughout the Province to record the places, people and events that make this one of the most stunning places on earth.

Hobey & Bob Face The Red Baron's Flying Circus

In pre-production, Directed by Sumner Jules Glimcher

HOBEY AND BOB FACE THE RED BARON'S FLYING CIRCUS This true story is that of the lives and adventures of two World War One heroes, who became members of the American Expeditionary Force as pilots facing the more experienced Germans.

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