We are highly experienced in creative communications. After consulting with our clients, we use words, images, sounds and technology to create effective pieces of work in all media. Each member of our staff has vast experience in their respective fields. On the following pages, you can sample our work, experience and biographies. The image below, taken in 1900 when this family first arrived in Boston, is part of a  "Video Portrait" created for this family.

We are storytellers who specialize in telling stories on film; we also work in all other media. We can make your film and write and edit your narration; design your website; create business logos and brochures; help you self-publish your EBOOK; and consult and advise on all aspects of communications. Our style is an informal, non-threatening way of conveying information to mass audiences.  It is a highly personal method that puts the viewer directly into the situation and is greatly effective in engaging audiences.

Our film, “Memento,” created for AT&T was shot on 35mm film so that it could be played in theaters to mass audiences.  It won nine national and international awards, and greatly reduced automobile accidents for years after it was made.

“North From Mexico” in the opening thirty-second montage with its recorded local mariachi music combined with faces and close-ups filmed in Cuidad Juarez, instantly brings you to the life of the Chicano in the American Southwest. If the indigenous music we record on location does not do the trick, we compose an original track that does. 

“A Problem of Power,” sponsored by the National Council of Churches takes you on a tour of the barrios of Latin America as we see the faces and dehumanizing dwellings of the poorest of the poor. One can almost smell the raw sewage flowing in open trenches downhill, and we see the desperate close-up of a peasant face as he tells us that he receives, ‘Ni Centavos’ of the AID from the USA.

Our use of music (see “Alberto Giacometti” and “A  Taste of Provence,” and the opening sequence of “Now Their Home Is Israel”) always provides a unique factor into each film and we frequently use aerial photography (“North From Mexico”) to bring an extra dimension to the film. These titles are available for purchase or rental on Amazon.com

“A Filmmaker’s Journal,” is a cutting-edge enhanced EBOOK combining words, still images and short video excerpts from 22 documentaries.  Click here for more info. From design to delivery, we can create your own EBOOK.